Friday, October 30, 2009

Strut to a question or two

Thanks to Bryce who came over to give me a hand, the front off side strut is now located along with the lower link back in place with an inner polybush.

What to do next?

Well I need to think about that.

When the group 4 brakes come back I can fit the nearside strut to UNJ.

Then the group 4 brakes will go on BRP and the Volvo/BMW brake combination will be fitted to UNJ.

Once that's done I'll fit uprated springs and a pair of spax shocks to the rear of UNJ which by then will have had a fair bit of suspension work front and rear along with uprated brakes - just right for a trip to the Alps next year.

I can then switch attention back to BRP for some engine work.

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