Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stuff you!

Stuff you! - time for a bit of defiance in adversity I reckon.

So, for some reason today felt the right day to put some graphics on BRP I was planning to do just before the last stage rally. In fact this task was on my to do list for that morning before the seizure got in the way.

I had decided to just put the graphics on and wait for people to notice but as the rallying is somewhat curtailed due to circumstances beyond my control - here it is.

Yes, my motto! We'll have the car out again competing and it will still raise a smile or two I hope. I moved the car today and just looked around it and it struck me that I finally have BRP in a position to be used so it would be rude not to!First off though I'll probably have to be navigating.

I won't let just anyone drive it though but I have every confidence in Sarah so she's first choice driver. It's strange really as I have never been in a car she has driven but we have hit it off as novices together. Both of us have the interest and same enthusiasm so Sarah, over to you anytime you like.

A little thing like another seizure and how the MSA feels about it won't stop me in my ultimate aim though - if it has to be 2020 before I drive on the Manx then so be it, I'll be there, make no mistake. In BRP too!

Anyway, just under the rear window you may just be able to see a second graphic which refers to another gentleman, not Mr Pond though.

Here's what it looks like close up.
I'm just a sentimental old git really you see. When I started rallying again this year I realised I would be visiting alot of old RAF airfields and my dad did this in WW2 as an instructor so it felt like I was following in his footsteps.

So, why not a tribute to him in his RAF days on my car was my thought.

Daft, sentimental, soppy? I don't care, it's there because I wanted it there.

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