Sunday, May 03, 2009

A quick blast

Just wandered out under the car port as you do.

I painted over a metal patch welded on the nearside inner wing of the convertible - in the rally car blue (tahiti) which is nowhere near the cavalry blue of the car but some paint is much better than the grey primer that was there.

Then I ventured inside the car and pulled the carpets back in the footwells / front bulkheads. As I suspected from some photos I have of work done to the car there has been metal welded in but on the inside no rust protection done at all. In fact some of the old metal is still there with new welded over from the outside.

Solid enough to pass an MOT but not the standard I know several of the readers of this blog would be happy with.

Still - I am not planning to spend lots of time on this car (he says hopefully) but I do want to make some attempt at keeping it in a useable condition for as long as possible. So, these areas got a quick blast of dynatrol in an attempt to keep rust away for some time.

Next for this car is a new set of tyres and then I reckon I'll get it into the local garage for a service and the misfire fixed - I have enough on with the rallying without spending time doing this kind of work on UNJ.

Speaking of which, I may do a thorough rustproofing job of both(?) cars tomorrow and then switch attention back to BRP - the next rally is less than a week away now so stay tuned.

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