Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rust proof and brake

Completed the rustproofing of both TRs yesterday - nice to have done this as it's better to preserve than put right.

It's just a case of regularly topping up on BRP really which is good for the car but not so nice for the service crew who may have to work on it!

With the ragtop it's a case of getting some on the repairs that others have done but not bothered with - hopefully I can keep it in a good condition for longer this way.

Talking of the ragtop, that's now in at the local garage for a service as I don't have time to work on it as well as BRP.

I am chasing up a local graphics company for something I want on the car for this weekend - I somehow doubt it's going to happen but you never know. It'll be a secret for now but should raise a smile or two.

Finally, I have found someone to do the machining on the AP calipers and left it with them tonight. Once the Jack Neal rally is completed I should be able to collect the calipers, discs etc and fit them to BRP. Then it's a question of getting the Historic Vehicle Identity Form sorted and I can enter historic stage rallies.

It's along way to my goal but it's important to just keep putting one foot in front of another!

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