Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nothing to show

5 1/2 hours effort and nothing to show for it!

Well, that's actually what's needed - with Bryce's help I have got the plastic film fitted to the door windows in BRP so the scrutineers should be happy. The windows have never been so clean and the film is not tinted so you can't see the result unless you look very very closely.

If anyone out there has to do this job - don't take the window out of the car. That's what we did and then couldn't put it back without scratching the film.

So, we put the window back in and fitted the film in situ which is so much easier and quicker.

Another lesson learned the hard way I suppose.

Oh, and another thing - the headlights didn't work on the way home so I drove back with sidelights in the dusk. I reckon I blew one of the fuses when the wires to the door light sparked during the in out in out window session!

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