Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's amazing what you find out

Yes, it's amazing but before going on to that how about this picture of my carport today. 2 TR7s, it can't get much better than that.Woohoo!

And have you noticed the sign?

Anyway, what's amazing? Well it's what you find out when you work on a car that you have bought which "needs attention".

I just put a couple of hours in on the ragtop today and found out a number of things.

1) It has a brand new nearside front wing. How do I know? Well it still has the sticker on the inside which also means it has no rustproofing of any kind , now why would you not rustproof it?Crazy

2) Someone's wiring is even worse than mineScreamer I have spent alot of time removing totally superfluous wiring some of which was actually "live" Shock Joints were made up of wires twisted together and wrapped up in insulation tape whilst other connections were in the wrong place. Meanwhile the wiring to the auxiliary flashers on the wings is just rubbish and hanging loose but for now they work and I have other priorities.

Listing the progress though is a psotive thing to do so we now have

A car that runs
headlights that work
Indicators that work
Heater fan that works
hazard flashers that work
Even the rear fog light works
The interior panel lights work.

What still isn't working tho is the headlamp flash and the horn but that can wait until tomorrow.

Once that's sorted I'll book the car in for MOT and see what happensThinking

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