Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've never been topless before!

A beautiful day today here in sunny Lancashire which is just the type of day to go topless!

A fair bit of work needed first though before I could get the convertible up and running. I fitted a new battery and then had to amend the battery clamp to hold it.

Also had to get more water/antifreeze mix into it and then start it up, which it did quite happily.

A very quiet running engine which is a bit of a surprise and no overheating which is also very welcome!

Other than that the clutch needed freeing off and then I could try topless motoring out for the first time ever and very agreeable it was too.

Not all the electrics are working yet though - the headlamps are a bit iffy and the horn/interior lights and hazards don't work. When I sort these out I'll get the car in for an MOT an we'll see what else is needed.

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