Sunday, March 01, 2009

In danger of looking professional

I got time to nip over with BRP to Mik's this afternoon so that we could see if my car would fit in his trailer.

That's right - in, not on! A snug fit but all was well and Mik has a "racepod" so the car is completely enclosed and by 'eck it's a great bit of kit. His van's pretty special too so all of that combined with the service crew kit I have got makes us look really professional.

Then we have to see how we perform!

Well, at least it also gave me a chance for a 50 mile drive in BRP and it seems pretty good - a bit reluctant to rev cleanly but certainly more than good enough for first time out.

Meanwhile, I know Sarah has bought some more kit but isn't telling me everything. Apparently, I don't need to know!

Still, she doesn't know about the roof lining yet.Tongue Out 1

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