Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mudflap weekend

I have now got all 4 mudflaps on - hurrah!

Actually removing the old ones, measuring up and fitting the new ones took a good couple of hours all together. It's important they are fitted correctly as the MSA Blue Book stipulates how far above the road surface they must be (no more than 8cm) and that they are 4cm either side of the tyre tread.

I'll get a picture tomorrow as by the time I had finished it was dark!

I reckon the car certainly looks the part just like every time I fit something required by the authorities.

In addition I have adjusted the driver's harness straps. I really liked the shoulder straps pulled tight on the Roskirk and, in fact, I couldn't get them tight enough for my liking.

This was because the buckle was pulled up as the shoulder straps were tightened and I ran out of room for adjustment. The solution is for the straps between my legs to be shortened so that the buckle can't pull up so high.

Apart from the fact that I am sure no-one wanted to mess about between my legs (!) they couldn't be adjusted on the rally, they can't really be adjusted in situ anyway. So today I took them out the car and shotrtened them by about an inch - that should be better.

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