Sunday, December 09, 2007


I should have been working on BRP this weekend and I suppose I could have been but I didn't.

I have, however, been out all day on Club Triumph business with my mate Paul. This should pay off very nicely for the competitivet types amongst us but more details will follow in due course.

As an aside, a curious thing has come to my attention this week. Corgi have released a special edition model of a white TR7 with my car's registration number on! More on this later too.

What I have done tho is produce two videos from some years ago now - here's one of a rally in a Mini I used to part own back in the 80s.


Hutch said...

Oh yea! Just looked on corgi site and its there! Have you contacted them about it? I wonder what they'd say...

Raider said...

I ave now contacted them 3 times. via their website, by phone and by e-mail. No reply at all!