Thursday, December 27, 2007

No volunteers then?

Just kidding but if anyone fancies the co-driver role or helping out as service crew please let me know.

Co-drivers should be able to read a map, be good at organisation and not get upset when I shout at them! If you are very good this may not be the right opportunity tho as you will find me rather lacking in talent.

I would also expect co-drivers to share costs -entry fees (unless I can find a nice sponsor), fuel, accomodation costs etc.

Ideally a 20 stone 6'10" co-driver wouldn't be ideal either.

There, not asking much am I?

Service crew.

Let me make one thing clear - I have no budget so there's no pay involved altho I could probably run to fish and chips with a beer or two!

Anyone that would like to help would be welcome - ideally well versed in mechanics and diagnostics of course but any Club Triumph enthusiast for example would be very welcome.
Checking the car over after stages would certainly be involved, cleaning windscreens, handing the crew refreshments etc are all worthwhile. Even taking video and "interviewing" us at each service halt would be fine - a good record of the day is always great to look back on and learn from.

So - a pretty attractive pitch I reckon

Oh and if you can provide a van and trailer even better!


Anonymous said...

Just when i was thinking of ofering myself as a nav you throw in a spanner by restricting weight..Doug

Raider said...

Tell you what Doug - Enthusiasm and talent are more important than anything else!