Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just for a change

Yes, just for a change I worked on the Toledo's exhaust yesterday.

It's amazing how one joint falls off with amazing regularity whilst another one puts up one hell of a fight - the one you want to come apart!

After the centre section kept falling off, the rear section started blowing around the rear silencer to tailpipe join and through a hole in the box itself. So, I ordered a Dolomite 1300 rear box and tail-pipe section from Rimmer Brothers and got the car up on axle stands. What fun to be under the car again working on the exhaust.

Anyway, of course the rear section didn't want to come off the mid-section but at least this gave me an opportunity to use an angle grinder I bought recently to hack through the rear pipe, drag it out and then take the centre section off the car.

Then it was a simple task of getting the joint cleaned up and re-assembling on the car again. The Dolly tail-pipe comes out on the other side of the car than the Toledo one but that was no hassle.

What is a pain tho is that the centre section has started blowing now but for now -

Reverting to the TR7 - yes it's still with me. Actually fired it up today and moved it on the drive.
The spares TR7 is probably going to Bryce who wants to rally it too so that will make 2 of us.

In the meantime, neighbour Jon now has his TR7 Sprint running which is very satisfying as the engine is made up of spares I had along with lots of hard work from himself building it - well done mate.

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