Sunday, September 23, 2007


Ok, not as much fun as the Furka but never mind.

This is the air box or air filter housing on the TR. The thing is, it's cobbled together as the Sprint emgine has the carbs further apart than the TR7 8 valve engine.

I have been looking for a proper Sprint one for a while and recently bought one (I refuse to say "won one") on e-bay for £4.40!

Behind the grey outer cover there's the backplate which as you can see here has been "butchered" (by persons unknown - not me!) as it was also used in conjunction with 2" SUs. A result of this is that it is only held on by 3 bolts instead of 6 and I just don't like it being like that.

So, off it came to be replaced by the Sprint version for 1 3/4" SUs freshly painted.

It was also an opportunity to get the various fuel pipes to fit as Triumph intended.

Now that's better - bolted up with all bolts in place.

I am re-painting the grey cover as it has a bracket for the dipstick which the Sprint one doesn't. Shortly that will be in place and a small but satisfying job will be done.

Now doesn't that look so much better

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