Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holiday videos

Just got back from a driving holiday with some friends - 2 Triumphs of the Stag and Toledo variety.

First video is climbing the Simplon pass after upsetting the italian border guards - we had fixed a dodgy plug lead and got carried away with running on 4 cylinders for a change!

Second video is a situation that arose after a bit of a problem with the Stag. The only way to get everyone back to the UK it seemed was to fit everyone and their luggage into the Toledo - ahem!


AJP said...

Martin I am very excited about a £400 RED Toledo on Ebay on the moment any advice you could give on how best to use this cheeky liitle Triumph to is best potential? cheers Andy

PS Know anybody wanting my TR7 shed?

Raider said...

Oh I think I do Andy, I think I do!

All it needs is some lights, fake leather bonnet straps and a fake sumpguard.

Got your cowboy boots ready then?