Thursday, August 16, 2007

Toledo "tuning"

I am now intending taking the Toledo on a 5 day Continental jaunt so am working on a service/tune up.

Here are the plugs that came out - I reckon it looks like the car is running too rich by the look of these. In addition it starts very easily on choke but needs it pushed in very quickly.

Talking of plugs - the plug lead to number one literally fell off! Crimping up the connector whilst I wait for new leads (on order) should in itself make a difference.

So that's the fuel - what about the air supply side?

Just a little bit of tuning here - that's a stub stack now fitted in the standard air cleaner. Next to go in will be a new filter element and I intend rigging up a cold air feed for it - can't do any harm.

Below the air filter there's the exhaust manifold joint with the down pipe - unfortunately it's blowing but I am currently fighting with it and a replacement gasket. I haven't won yet but I reckon if I call up gasket sealent as reinforcement I can beat this one too.

I am hopeful that all of these little bits and pieces along with some adjustment to the mixture and checking the timing will result in a perkier little car.

Now, what about rubber? The car came with steel wheels (but only 4) and budget 155R13 tyres.
Things are a bit different now

Now there's a set of minilites from my TR7 on along with a spare too! They are shod with 70 series Michelin - I bet the car has never had such good rubber on it.

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