Friday, August 17, 2007

Little Beauties

A pair of DCOEs I bought today - old and not been used for many years but at what I beleive to be a good price.

Behind them is an inlet manifold for the webers to mount to the Sprint engine which I bought on e-bay for nearly twice as much as the carbs!

These are now going away into storage for a while.

I am just as pleased with this little beautie tho.

It's a spindle and butterfly from a 1 1/2" SU that I have kept for 20 years from when I used to rally Minis and I have found it again today.

It has been modified to remove as much mass as possible and hence increase airflow through the carb - hence a more efficient carburettor.

I haven't checked but I reckon this will fit the Toledo's carb. If it will, along with the stub stack and new filter there should be a performance improvement to be had.

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