Monday, August 13, 2007

A bit of a snag!

Sprayed the underside of the Toledo with Dinitrol ML tonight but ran out so need to order more.

Whilst on with this I started a service on it.

Front pads and discs OK but rear shoes are a bit low - all of £14 to put right Very Happy

Noticed an odd stud tho so will get a new stud and wheelnut too.

Then moved onto replacing the spark plugs but stopped when I got to number 1 as I need to move the alternator out of the way - next job I reckon.

Real news tho (and the bit of a snag) is that I have had some kind of fit or seizure and am undergoing all sorts of tests (an EEG tomorrow). The doctors won't let me drive whilst all this is going on.

I have already missed a rally in my TR7 and I have planned a 5 day trip round Europe in 4 weeks time in my TR7 too. I may press the Toledo into service for this so that I can get another driver involved - 2 drivers and me lording it in the back!

So I have a few things to think over with the car.

There's no spare wheel so I need one of those or I could fit some minilites with Michelins on from my TR7 but then I'll need a full set of wheel nuts.

Also interested in trying to get a little more power out of the car if we end up using her to climb the French Alps (twice!).

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