Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bits and pieces

Good to get the car out from under the car port again.

I am making steady progress but most of it unseen. I replaced all the fuel pipes with braided hoses today and put in a new fuel filter. These are the things that make the car more reliable but take time to do.

In addition though, I also fitted the centre instrument cowling with the new panel in it and it looks pretty damned good - thanks Bryce!

I took my time with this as there was lots of fiddly wiring etc during the installation but here it is. The oil gauge is in and working (the pressure part of it - the temp will have to wait some time), it even illuminates now! The cut off switch is mounted but is still work in progress at the moment. I have even managed to get the panel lights working for the first time in years.

It's really possible to see the competition car coming out now - switchgear at the top, the new panel with cut out switch etc and the co-driver's bracing panel in the left footwell.

Some more interior stuff needed and then a new uprated radiator are the next prioroities.


Anonymous said...

Your car looks great.
Do you plan on rallying or is it more for car shows. I have some of the origal Triumph 7" lamp covers and also a set of the LUCAS red white and blue 7" lamp covers that you might be interested in. I put them up on Ebay a few days ago, if you are interested. My identity is Special_tuning. I am building a replica of one of Tony Ponds TR7s as well and have accumulated a few extra bits. So now I need to sell some items to pay for the paint job. Again you car looks great, keep up the good work!!!

Raider said...

Thanks - the car will be sued in anger!

Raider said...

Err - that should be used in anger!