Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not my choice of colour but

This is a door card taken from my spare TR7.

I am going to swap it into BRP along with it's mate and cover the speaker holes with pencil cases (!) to form storage space.

I don't really like this colour door card but I do feel OK about screwing map lights etc to them in a rally car.

The ones out of BRP are in better condition and red tartan - I will be saving those to put in the spare TR7 if it ever goes back on the road as a more civilised car.

These fitted fine and along the way I was able to replace the modern courtesy/map reading light with one of the correct ones - very satisfying.

Then it was on to tracing and rectifying the fault on the reversing lamps - a wire had been trapped and split on the gearbox - probably with the engine swapping shennanigans.

Finally, preparation for a shopping trip for lots of bits and pieces, fuses, wiring bits, blanking grommets and braided steel petrol pipe. No big bits but all necessary and together contribute to reliability and or safety - but no doubt there won't be much change out of £50.

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