Saturday, February 03, 2007

I am confused

When I put the Sprint engine in I also fitted a Pacet electric fan.

OK so far. I wired it up according to the wiring diagram but my friendly autoelectrician pointed out it needed an earth. Well it didn't say so in the instructions (I thought it must earth through the thermostat switch mounted to the car body) but sure enough connecting an earth got it working.

I could follow that the fan was "live" all the time but only came on when the thermostat "switched on" the earth.

Now, I thought it would be good to have a tell tale light in the car to show when the fan was on so I put it all in but now find that the light is on permanently with the fan off and goes off when the fan is on! This is far too difficult for me to work out.


vitessesteve said...

Martin have found the instructions that came with the Kenlowe when I bought. Have put a scanned copy on my blog
Hope that helps.

Raider said...

Thanks Steve.

I also have a wiring diagram for a Kenlowe, along with the thermostat etc and I thought about wiring it all up but is it worthwhile just so I can see a light telling me the fan is on?

I'll think on for a while.

vitessesteve said...

If your car is as loud inside as my Vitesse you will never hear the fan cutting in. Having a manual override maybe more useful than the tell tale light.

Alternately if you have an ammeter fitted that will show the extra current being drawn by the fan.