Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas presents fitted early

Here's my Xmas presents fitted a little early!

Actually my non existent rally budget has been hit too.

Still, I thought I would fit the Minilites I got from Chris 2 Toledos.

They are actually wider and sit further out than my others but there's still plenty of room around the wheel arches. That could be very handy when landing after a "yump" on Epynt or the Manx rally.

Those wheel arches will be filled a bit more tho when 70 series tyres are fitted (a requirement for historic rallying in the UK) as the profile will mean the tyres stand a bit taller and fatter.

In addition the current tyres on these wheels are 60 series and rather flat - I'll pump them up a bit more some time but getting them to 15PSI nearly burnt out my little compressor as it was!

I like the next photo - a nice aggressive stance to the car!

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