Sunday, December 24, 2006

Into the interior

I have decided to leave the engine bay for a while and move to the interior for a bit of rally prep.

In the passenger footwell is an alloy navigator's footrest - or bracing panel! I need to site this properly and bolt it in.

It's essential for the navigator to be able to brace against this whilst holding maps etc on his/her knees as the car is bouncing around at high speed.

In the centre of the car in front of the gear lever is the lower part of the facia which I have plans for. At some point the stereo will have to go as it's not necessary in a rally car and adds weight but whether that is now or not we'll see.

I do need to do some modification tho so that I can get the cut off switch sorted and connected up. If the stereo goes I could make up a panel which would be a good location for the oil pressure gauge and the fire extinguisher pull switch..

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