Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Brace yourself!

The navigators foot rest is now bolted in as can be seen here.

Each time I do something like this I can see the car getting closer to being ready - another milestone on the way.

In addition you may have noticed that the radio cassette has now been removed too. Whilst I did this I also removed the wiring to the electric aerial on the nearside rear wing.

The aerial had to go too and the hole filled with a suitable grommet.

Here are the said items and between them they weighed 2 kilos so it's a worthwhile weight saving.

I'll be keeping them tho just in case I ever get the spare TR7 back on the road.

In the meantime one thing logically leads to another in car prep - I will now be removing the door speakers as obviously they are not needed and that will be another weight saving. I have an idea for covering the holes which should work out nicely.

I also need to remove some of the excess wiring from where the radio cassette was and make up a panel - this will house the oil pressure gauge and the extinguisher pull switch in due course.

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