Friday, November 24, 2006

Proof of principle

A couple of hours on the car tonight - what better way to spend a November evening than under your carport working on a TR7?

Anyway, leaving philosophy aside I had a problem driving through a ford earlier in the year with water on the coil. This was fixed by covering it with a rubber glove but in the change to Sprint power all this went by the wayside.

On the RBRR h I had the same problems over Glencoe so it's time to sort this out.

Later TR7s have the coil mounted high up on the inner wing so that's what I have been doing this evening. I have done this step by step though. The wiring needed extending so I did one at a time and then started the car to make sure all was OK - it was, thank goodness.

I repositioned the coil and it looks fine but I need to tidy things up and mount the fixing bracket - this will be done tomorrow as well as taking my time carefully wrapping the wiring and securing it all properly.

Another small improvement made and reliability improved.

I must get round to investigating the rattly top end some time tho!

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