Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another job done

This is the coil re-positioned up out of harm's way.

Another small job done.

What next? Well I could start swapping the carbs I had from the 8 valve engine over as they were re-conditioned and are not the dreaded waxstat type.

Or I could pull the rocker cover off and start learning about the 16 valve wizardry under there to solve the rattly top end.

I also need to sort the radiator out but I think that will be a new uprated one so it can wait until more money is available.

In a similar vein I need to replace the alternator with an uprated one so that I can return Mark McLain's spare he loaned me on the RBRR. I don't think he's in a hurry for it though and I don't intened putting the car back on the road until May 2007 so there's plenty of time for that too.

One thing I have done today though is post my entry off for the 2007 10CR. At this moment I have no idea who my co-driver will be but that's not an issue, making sure I get an entry is!

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