Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Work after the Little Devils!

A TR7 has "holes" in the floor pan where they were mounted to jigs in the factory.

Triumph then sealed the holes with a big steel "lid" secured over the top with a sheet of sound proofing.

On the Little Devils tho the rough and tumble of stones etc hitting the underside of the car cracked the sound proofing and pushed the "lid" up as can be seen in this photo. That then allowed water and mud etc to get into the cockpit!

So, I have removed all the sound proofing which revealed a solid floor (as I have come to expect with BRP) but I think the next thing will be to weld the "lid in place.

Then I'll follow that with a good covering ofwhite smoothrite.

Also since I have put the comp seats in the inertia reels have been a bit difficult.

A few minutes spent loosening the mounting off tho and then swivelling it round has made a huge difference.

Here's the mounting on the parcel shelf - there's a few bits of trim/soundproofing that need removing here too.

It will all make for a lighter car and remove some flammable material but the car will also get less comfortable for road use.

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