Saturday, August 19, 2006

K37.8.2 and Q8

K37.8.2 is the regulation in the MSA Blue Book concerning stage rally cars that says they must "Have circuit breakers complying with Q.8."

Within Q8 the important bit is " The triggering system for the circuit breaker on saloons should be situated at the lower part of the windscreen mounting, preferably on the driver's side or below the rear window"

So - guess what I have been doing this afternoon!

Here is the pull trigger mounted on the rear deck driver's side below the rear window. Q8 also says "The location must be identified by a red spark on a white edged blue triangle" - I reckon I have no problems there.

Pulling the handle pulls a cable which is attached to the circuit breaker itself inside the car - this should also be accessable by either crew member.

Here's my solution - mounted on a modified centre console between the seats. That is easily accessable and in due course there will also be a pull switch for a fire extinguisher as well.

None of this is as the works car's were but BRP is inspired by the works rally cars and is not a replica so I am free to build it the way I want it whilst complying with current rules and regulations.

There's still some tidying up to do and I think I will have the actual wiring up done by a local autoelectrician who is doing the wiring on a beautiful E-type Jag - a pro job here will be well worthwhile and shouldn't cost the earth.

Meanwhile, my mate Kevin tack welded the "lid" back in the driver's footwell and one of my next jobs will be to seal it from underneath and then give a covering of Dinitrol.

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