Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fixing faults from the Little Devils

After each event I do I fill in a form copied from the works rally team which is a good check list and identifies any faults that need work on.

The priorty ones were sorting out the driver's floor pan to stop water getting in, sorting out the Cibies and getting the trip meter working again.

The floor pan is done and I decided to sort the others out this evening - amazingly this time they were easy fixes. A wire had come off the back of the lamp switch and the trip cable needed clipping properly into the back of the speedo!

So, all ready for the RBRR in theory.
I had tried to take some in-car video using a cancorder on the Little Devils but it was mounted on a home made bracket that didn't work very well.

I have, however, bought a proper mounting for the camcorder in order to sort this out. I have tried this out and - oops there's a problem (well it was going too well).

There's no way of getting the camcorder pointing high enough to get a view through the front windscreen. I have e-mailed the company I bought the mount from for some advice.

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