Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sump and wing

I have started on replacing the sump on PMW. This isn't because I think it was damaged during the "wild boar" incident although it might have been, it's because I want to try and stop the leak around the sump plug area. It might seem a bit extreme but I think it's the brazing of the insert in the sump that is the problem, not getting the oil to be retained via the sump plug itself.

Anyway, a second hand sump from Chris Witor is my solution and here it is pre and post painting.

 Getting the old sump off without removing the engine is a bit of a challenge mind you. As was trying to undo the sump plug which I think I over enthusiastically tightened trying to stop the oil leaks. At the moment the oil has been removed via a pump down the dipstick tube and all the sump retaining bolts removed but I will return to the attack shortly to actually get it off and the repainted "new" one on with a new gasket.

Meanwhile, if you check the last post on here it shows the wing arch repair panel which is on order. This has a delivery time of about 3 months and a cost of £220 ish.

Well, compare and contrast the situation with Rimmer Brothers having a sale on at the moment where a complete off side front wing for my Rover is £30! I don't actually need one but then 30 years ago there could have been wings freely available at cheap prices for Triumphs and how many people bought them??

So, I have bought a wing and it's now up in my loft. I'll probably never need it but it won't lose value either.

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