Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Replacement sump now in place

At last I have managed to swap the sump on the 2000.

I have had to lower the entire front suspension though which was a real pain. All to stop an oil leak around the sump plug (hopefully) - mind you it was quite a leak and we had taken a spare 7 1/2 litres of 20/50 on the 10CR to make sure we got round!

Here's the suspension lowered from the car -you can see the nearside rebuilt strut from Chris Witor leaning out of the wheelarch.

Here's the sump off the car as there was at last enough clearance with the subframe lowered.

I cleaned the interior of the "new" sump with Jizer and rags and then refitted it although it appears there's a missing sump bolt! Was it there originally I wonder?

I just got the strut and drag strut back in place and then changed the oil filter and put fresh oil back in the car which I hope stays there and doesn't leak!

Next will be a patient repositioning and bolting up of the front suspension, get the oil level right in the car and check for leaks. After that I will turn my attention to the new radiator.

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