Sunday, September 06, 2015

Just about there

With the Club Triumph 10 Countries Run fast approaching and me working away from home so much I delegated remaining work on PMW to my local garage, Vicarage Car Company in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Having replaced all the springs, shock absorbers and bushes in the rear suspension myself I didn't like the way the car now rolled around at the front even more than it did before. With lots of miles to do including mountain passes in the Alps I wanted to get things right.

So I bit the bullet and bought completely refurbished front struts with new inserts and appropriate fast road springs to match the rears from
Also threw in an order for fast road drag strut plybushes too.

They didn't arrive though until Wednesday of last week which didn't give Vicarage long to fit them after my wife Deana dropped them off. I also asked them to investigate a "bearing" noise, replace some perished fuel pipe and fit an inline fuel filter just before the fuel pump.

All of that was done and the car returned Friday afternoon just before I got home and I then used PMW to go to the Club Triumph Pendle and Pennine area meeting. I must say the ride is vastly improved so I am well pleased with that.

The bearing noise is still there even though the diff oil has been changed but we are just going to have to live with that and drive at a speed when it's not so obvious - or turn the music up!

So, this weekend it's been packing spares, sorting out what tools I want to take and then generally cleaning the car applying Rain X etc.

If anyone wants to follow our 10CR we are car 34 and reports should be on the Club Triumph message diary
(as well as Facebook for my Facebook friends) 

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