Saturday, August 29, 2015

New purchase - Rover 214i

I have gone and bought another car!

Incredibly cheap for such a gorgeous little car. Only one owner before me who bought it using the Rover employee scheme and then cosseted it until he passed away. It's only done 53000 miles and I can only find 3 small blemishes on it.

I know about the head gasket failure syndrome but I am hopeful I will be lucky with this one and it has had it's coolant chnged very regularly through it's life. Also the cam belt was changed less than a thousand miles ago.

Many years ago now I had an early Rover 414Si as a company car and I loved it. I feel the same about this one!

Here's a number of photos for you to feast your eyes on. The last one is with the only modifications I intend to make to it, the Rover alloy wheels.

Original Rover Radio cassette - and it works like everything else on the car

Jack and wheel brace still in original wrapping

With Rover alloy wheels


stephen weblin said...

Looks very tidy. Would those wheels fit the TR7?

Martin Randle said...

Don't know Steve but they are 4 x 100mm. I have 3 spares so I'll check them out.

They probably will because they are 15" like the MGF wheels people often fit to TR7s