Saturday, October 25, 2014

Follow up bits and pieces

After last week's efforts I ordered up some bits and pieces from Chris Witor.

Carb float chamber gasket, manifold bridging piece and second hand clock
So, just tidying up really. I replaced the big washer we put on last week as a temporary fixing for the manifolds with the correct bridging piece.

Then the front carb float chamber gasket had split so the 45p replacement fixed that!

Meanwhile, whilst on Chris's site I spotted a second hand working clock so bought that too. I have now fitted that and the car has a complete working PI dashboard as a result :-)

Replacement plugs will be with me from Chris in a few days.

I took the car another 8 mile test run on my favourite circuit of local roads and all seems well.

Next week I'll replace the overdrive wiring harness in the gearlever as it's well past it's best and then hopefully I'll ahve a working overdrive again.

If nothing goes wrong (!!!) I will suddenly have a fully functional 2000 2 years or more since I took it off the road.

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