Friday, September 12, 2014

Over to someone else!

PMW is now with the Vicarage Motor Company in Barnoldswick for them to work on.

I have saved up a bit of dosh plus the proceeds from the sale of the Rover SD1 and other bits and pieces on ebay means I can actually pay someone else to work on one of my cars.

So it should come back with the propshaft sorted, new mounting bushes for the diff and maybe they can take a look at it's running issues too.

Mind you when it was towed away it really made me wince listening to the propshaft banging away - apologies to anyone on Skipton Road, Barnoldswick stuck behind a 2000 being towed very very slowly!

Not only that mind you but I have splashed out on what are apparently the bees knees (would have used another expression which I will leave you to guess at) of rotor arms - the "red ones" from the Distributor Doctor

That's plural by the way as in two, not that I have twin distributors on the car but I decided to make damned sure this component is sorted once and for all.

It's all very important because a year from now I will be using the car on Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run.

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