Sunday, March 11, 2012

You can almost feel it!

Wired up the relay for one of the headlight mainbeams and it still works - amazing!

Only did one though as I didn't actually have all the wiring I need etc so one side at a time is fine.

Then moved on to the steering wheel and non cancelling indicators. The steering wheel I had fitted is on loan from BRP and is an original TR8 type. The boss though had flaking black paint and I have been having trouble lining it up straight.

So first I removed it and took it apart. Then cleaned up the boss and gave it a few coats of matt black paint as below.

Meanwhile, I gave a thorough clean of the wheel itself with oven cleaner (!) on the spokes where there was some dirt that didn't want to be removed. Having cleaned the rim I then used hide food on the leather and my goodness it feels great as a result - so good you can almost feel it from the picture below!
And the non cancelling indicators? Well I removed the cowling over the steering column, loosened the bolt holding the indicator and wiper stalk mechanism and slid it further up the steering column so that the collar would engage with the steering wheel boss.

Then put it all together and no, the indicators still don't cancel :-)

The steering wheel looks and feels great though :-)

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