Sunday, March 04, 2012

A light serving of swarf sir?

Well, at least things have improved since the last time I updated the blog.

Charging the battery on a slow battery conditioner for a week did the trick and UNJ started no problem.

Next was a service and I started with an oil and filter change for the engine which went along quite OK and I didn't even spill too much!

This weekend I thought I would drain the gearbox and replace the ATF in it. This is the first time I have done this on a TR7 and the photo shows the swarf held on the magnetic drain plug. I cleaned it off, inserted it again and got some more out before filling the gearbox back up.

It's no fun lying under the car getting the ATF back in. I had the car up on axle stands and removed the exhaust mounting bracket which is "handily" in the way of the plug hole you fill up from. Then for me with no clever pump or anything it was just a question of filling up a hypoy type oil bottle and squeezing it uintil I had got the necessary 2 litres in.

Followed by re-assembly of course.

The diff level was fine, oil immediately dribbling out as I loosened the plug. This was EP80/90 dropping straight onto a halogen light I was using - ah, the smell of burning EP80/90!

Also retorqued the bolts holding the hubs on at the front and then all good to go.

Next week is wiring up the relays for the headlights.

I have had the chance to find out how good they are though on the short trip to the Old Stone Trough last Friday for the Pendle and Pennine meeting and they certainly are so much better than the original sealed beams.

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