Saturday, July 30, 2011

Speedfair Rally day 1

Started the day by retorquing the cylinder head in the hotel car park.

Then over to Knockhill for signing on and scrutineering - thankfully no problems.

Four tests today and the main decision to be made was whether to stay in 1st or try and go for 2nd gear! On the first test I decided early on I'd grab second as soon as I could and hold on to it all the way round which I did but the car "bogged down" too easily - 101 seconds was our time.

Next run I stayed in first and rev'd the engine up to to 6000 (ouch!) and came in with a time of 96 seconds.

After that it was first gear near enough the whole time - sorry BRP!

But at the end of day 1 we are in 10th out of 17 so not too shabby.

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