Monday, December 29, 2008

Would you believe it!

Almost finished fitting the extinguisher system today - I say almost because there wasn't quite enough pipework!!

Here's what it looks like under the bonnet though.

You can see two blue nozzles with the rear one next to the coil. The front one is positioned on the expansion tank.

With the engine canted over all the electrics/ignition and fuel systems/connections are on the same side and will be well covered by the nozzles.

BRP goes into my local auotelectrician tomorrow for the electrical cut off switch to be wired up. When this is done it will shut the engine down completely when operated and isolate all the car's electrics.

All in all the car is very nearly ready for the MSA scrutineer to see if it is worthy of a log book,

On plan for our first stage rally in April.

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