Saturday, December 27, 2008


Not easy to see here but I have fastened a cargo net behind the seats to carry the first aid kit, the "OK" board and hold other bits and pirces like maps etc.

I need someone with more of a domestic touch tho I think cos there's a pouch in the net which holds the first aid kit etc but could do with some kind of fastener to hold the top closed whilst still being easy to open.

I'll give it some thought.

This afternoon was a general tidy up with me "fitting" a couple of grommetts in holes in the floor pan and restraining the wiring loom along the nearside inner sill.

That's another thing that needs more thought!

Finally got the column switchgear cover back on though - had to find a spare as one half had broke.

And also - the outer extinguisher switch was a bit vulnerable and could have been activated by anyone or anything brushing against it. Searching around I found something that will sit over it and give it some protection so it was araldited in place (seen in the pic as a black raised circle around the switch).

All in all - a "bitty" 2 1/2 hours but worthwhile.

Next will be finishing the extinguisher system, wiring the cut out switch, having a good walk round the car and check it against the "blue Book" followed by an appointment with an MSA scrutineer so BRP can get it's rally log book.

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