Sunday, November 16, 2008


Not too much to report but it's important to keep moving forward even if it's only a small amount.

So, I have put the spark plug back in, tidied up the car and even washed it. All the fluid levels were fine - no water used, no oil used and the brake & clutch fluid levels good.

I had the old tyres stripped off the black "minilites" and replaced with Avon Historic rally tyres so now I have two full sets built up on wheels - my dry tyres (the Avons) and my "wets", the Michelin road tyres.

Looking back on last week's autotest I am rather pleased actually - the car made a full weekend's activity and our performance as a crew was an improvement too over first time out. On the Little Devils we were 5th CT crew out of 6 and this time we were 5th out of 7, that kind of improvement will do for me.

This is especially so when I consider the fact that we were up against Doug and Katie Foreman who are out competing every other week, Mike Banks who has done 3 Autotests/Autosolos this year and Mike Bishop who is leading the CT Driver Challenge!

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