Sunday, October 05, 2008

Marshalling on the RBRR

Just got in from Lancaster services where I was a marshal on the RBRR.

A pleasant evening from my point of view - great to meet up with all my mates old and new but also having the luxury of going home again to a warm bed!

Everyone seemed in fine form and I was able to have a good natter with lots of people.

Sorry Andy and Sarah - I forgot the spare hacksaw handle!

Sorry Paul D - I had brought some sustenance for Pendle and Pennine crews but somehow missed offering any to you!

Good to see Caroline and Mik in fine form.

Dave Pearson and Jason Chinn were a bit late with the Atlas as it had lost a core plug, they had replaced this and were topping up with water again at Lancaster. I bunged them some of the P&P sweeties and then they were on their way again.

Nice to meet Goody - fine hat sir.

Good to see Ruth Nobbs and co - I haven't seen them since Belgium on the 2005 10CR!

Unfortunately Chris Shaw didn't make it this far - a problem with hydraulics I beleive at Stirling.

Doug and Katie had gone to collect John and Clive who had had an accident - thankfully they were OK but the car is a different matter I believe. In true CT spirit tho they are now all 4 up in a Herald and heading for Lands End.

Having seen everyone away I set off home only to find Dave Picton And Fred Slezak stopped at the side of the M6. Apparently there is a terminal engine problem so they were awaiting a recovery truck. As there was nothing I could do to help I gave them the remainder of the P&P chocolate and wished them luck.

All in all, quite an eventful evening.

Good luck for the rest of the event everyone.

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