Sunday, August 17, 2008

A devil of a mess

I'll put a write up here on the Little Devils after it has been published in Club Triumph's magazine "Club Torque".

I can say that I have just about recovered though and started work on BRP again.

First off I have replaced a blocked in-line fuel filter but the car is running a little rough so I think I'll need to check that no bits and pieces have found their way into the carbs.

The outside of the car also looked a bit grubby too which is not surprising after the awful weather last weekend which turned the farmyarrd tests into mud baths.

There's a picture of one of the wheels and also of the co-drivers foot brace which also shows how the mud got into the car as well. The brace also looks slightly bent so maybe Sarah got a little tense a couple of times!

Now I'm no polisher but the car needs cleaning up, especially the wheels which were covered in farmyard muck - possibly corrosive over time.

So out came a new pressure washer to clean them off along with the underside of the car. It was that good though that some of the underseal came off as well under the rear wheel arches!

I'll need to really clean all the underside of the car and then get some Dynatrol over it but I'll wait until we finish fitting the roll cage as there will be some welding needed yet.

Immediate needs though are to replace a heater hose and to fit a strap to the glovebox lid to stop it falling open - we used gaffer tape on it during the LD to hold it shut!

Not bad at all really on the car side of things.

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