Saturday, March 01, 2008

What a Plonker!

Yes, I can be a plonker sometimes and I am willing to admit it.

When I had fitted the butterfly discs and then put the carbs back on the car revved at 2500RPM and wouldn't come down from it.

Then Jon noticed that the discs are actually profiled so that they seal correctlyThumbs Down

So, off with the carbs and yes, I had managed to put both in the wrong way round! The picture shows where I have fixed the one on the right and it's plain how it shuts tight - the one on the left won't seal so that's why it was revving so high.

As it happens it was quite a satisfying couple of hours spannering to put them right and then re-fit the carbs. After all that the car ran very nicely indeed.Thumbs Up

I ran it up to temperature, the thermostat worked, the electric fan cut in, engine temp fell, there were no water leaks anywhere - this can't last surely.

Now I have to think what comes next. Probably removing the last bit of carpeting, fit the comp seat back in and give the car a service before it's roll cage time.

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