Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Start as you mean to go on

I am back at work tomorrow of course so I have done a bit more spannering today.

I have fitted the new uptrated alternator I bought back in November - here it is next to the old one which is now tagged as "OK" and has been saved as a spare.

Installed it looks fine and fits no problem at all. The seocnd pic shows the front of the engine - metal header tank as fitted yesterday, new alternator, electric fan on the uprated radiator and in the background the airhorns also
required as part of the regs for rallying.

On order I now have a full set of new plug leads and electronic ignition. Once they are fitted and set up I shgould be able to start the engine, warm it up and re-torque the cylinder head after it has cooled back down.

After all that I hope to have a reliable cool engine.

If that can be achieved the rest of the year can be spent on buying and fitting a roll cage, harnesses, final fitting of the comp seats and the required fire extinguisher system.

When that's in place it will be a question of getting the OK from the MSA and obtaining a stage rally log book along with Historic vehicle Identity Forms.

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