Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting it back together

A different view of the engine bay.

You have to be "in the know" but the engine bay is starting to look a bit more serious now.

Braided fuel hoses, a proper Sprint airbox (all shiny), the later coolant system with a metal header tank (painted and shiny) as well as a new uprated alternator.

What can't be seen is the new headgasket which I have re-torqued again today and run the engine fully up to temp for 15 minutes.

I still have a pair of plain throttle discs for the carbs which I'll fit along with some Vizard tuning, there's electronic ignition to go on and some exhaust wrap to give some heat protection to the starter motor.

Once that's done tho I hope to be able leave the engine alone and get on with rally prep - roll cage, harnesses and fire extinguisher system.

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