Sunday, January 14, 2007

More pondering & a new forum -

I am using this shamelessly as a memory jogger for me for things I should do.

1. Fix the covers back over the rear shock absorber mountings.

2. Go back to the centre console and look at how to get a switch panel made up. I'll probably make up a template in cardboard and mark in a place for the oil pressure gauge. Oh - the gauge will be in a good place to get some power to illuminate it there too.

3. Take the 2" carbs of the spare car complete with manifold and swap for the ones on BRP.

4. Go through some of the spares I have and find some stuff to sell on e-bay as I could do with raising some cash. Probably the first thing should be a spare Sprint inlet manifold. Then I am sure I have some spare second hand pistons, con rods and even a crank or cam or two!
I must have some stuff I can get rid of as I now have 3 complete engines and 3 spare cylinder heads - heck, if I want to re-build an engine I will be using new pistons etc anyway.

5. When my budget allows (probably April!) get a new uprated radiator from S&S. I'll probably take my electric fan tot hem and we'll fit it to the new rad on their counter!

In addition to all that, I have found a new internet forum to haunt - which looks great. It is certainly keeping my motivation up and I'll be out on the NESCRO series this year on at least two, maybe 3 rounds.

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