Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Sprint engine & a bit of pondering

We completed a swap today - my TR7 8 valve engine for another Sprint engine. A friend of a friend wanted the 8 valve engine as less temperamental option than a Sprint.

This makes Sprint engine number 3 for me now ::)

Under that cam cover tho there is believed to be a new, never been run Triumph Tune group 2 cam. As I need to work on the top end of engine number 1 (in BRP) it's very tempting to swap the cam over.

Now, on engine 2 in the spare TR7 16V (following this) there are these two beauties - a pair of 2" SUs compllete with manifolds, linkages etc.

So, shall I go for swapping the cam into engine number 1, putting the 2" SUs on which in conjunction with the sports exhaust manifold should give quite a decent power output (150BHP?) for very little money - if it all works:-/

Time to think this over I reckon

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