Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ready to go again

The morning after La Carrera my mate, Ellis, was trying to sort out a lack of power on his TR7.

This was in the car park of the Dreadnought and the combined might of the Club Triumph entrants were trying to be of assistance. I suggested we put the distributor cap and leads from my car onto his to see if that's were the problem was.

That didn't help and then, when refitted to my car BRP wouldn't start! Very frustrating, especially as we had taken pains to make sure we refitted the leads in the correct order using Ellis's marked set as a reference. Well, we weren't getting anywhere other then it seemed the timing was out.

I think I now know when to take a break so I went off to collect Rebecca and have breakfast. Whilst that happened Theo got BRP running, it seems the distributor had been put in 90 degrees out and the "correct" positions for the leads was not correct on mine!

Meanwhile, the oil light wiring got pulled out of it's connection whilst we were swapping coils etc trying to get it to run.

So, today, one week later I have re-wired the oil light and numbered the plug leads and distributor cap so that they are "correct" for my car.

Then I topped up the oil and washed the car - now we are ready for next week's autotest. Which is just as well because I received Bedford Car Club's newsletter today and in it's report on the last autotest the author writes "Martin Randle was sharing his beautifully turned out TR7".

That's the kind of quote I like.

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