Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another piece of the jigsaw

Just happened to be driving home last night after being at a show and went through Bracebridge Heath. "Now why do I recognise that then?" I thought.

Then up comes Rimmer bros! So, popped in although I didn't really need anything but I did buy 4 BL Motorsport cloth badges I had noticed in their catalogues. Here's one placed on my old race suit.

In due course I would like to buy new race suits (for driver and navigator) similar to the ones worn by TP, BC etc and then I'll put the badges on - they should look really well with the car's colour scheme.

Now all I need is for Club Triumph to buy a classic Leyland Sherpa van and paint it in the correct colours - to support show activity of course but could then, by chance, be ideal for a rally support van!

Somehow I don't think that idea will fly!

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