Saturday, May 13, 2006

2006 service and a bit of "tidying"

Started the 2006 service on the TR today but as soon as I started I spotted something that could be removed from the car altogether - the bonnet lock mechanism. Now the bonnet is held on with clips I don't need the standard locking mechanism so I removed it.

This saved a small amount of weight but also helped getting at the disrtibutor which can be seen at the bottom of this picture.

What a pain in the neck getting at this is but I had to slacken the bolts off so I could move it and adjust the timing.

It was quite a battle but well worthwhile as the timing was "out" - on the test drive after the adjustment the car pulled over 4000 revs no problem and went so much better. This was a problem I had noted from last year's 10CR with a persitent misfire over 4000 revs.

If you read this Tim, you will have even more trouble keeping up with me on the La Carrera than last year!

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